Technical design

Eduroam gives users access to the internet. The user must be known at her home institution. When the user's device associates with the Wi-Fi network, a request is sent to the home institution. Only if the institution acknowledges the user access is granted.

This is accomplished by using port-based network access control (IEEE 802.1X).


CA root certificate

Users with an eduroam account at DeiC may download the certificate through the following link. The certificate has the name "DeiC Staff eduroam Root".

If you have an account at another institution, you must request the proper certificate from your local support. Note: The CA root certificate may be available on the local eduroam web page.

If there is a choice, choose to save the certificate to Wi-Fi.


Security in eduroam

When you connect to a wireless network at a location other than your own institution, your user name and password are sent to your home institution. If you are recognized and approved, it is signalled to the visited institution and you are granted access to the internet.

The communication is encrypted to prevent others from seeing your password. Encryption is done using a so-called server certificate from the server at your institution.

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