Data submission

Data for the common European eduroam database must be submitted in XML format.

Providers within eduroam must contribute the following data to the European eduroam database:

  1. Basic data and contact information
  2. Service locations

DeiC collects the data and forwards it to the European eduroam Operational Team. Data must be formated in XML according to the following specification. Please submit by e-mail by sending to

Use our form to generate data in the XML format:


The information must be kept up to date. Please submit corrections and additions to DeiC.

Service locations should be understood as places where to find the service (hotspots), a building or a coherent complex. One location per building is recommended. Each entry is going to act as a point on the map of 'service locations' which the Operational Team publishes.

Refer to "eduroam database specification". The official sample XML files and official XSD's may be found here: zip file

Specify longitude and latitude either in degrees/minutes/seconds (12°33'41.37"E; 55°41'2.25"N) or decimal (12.561493; 55.683960).

Below you find an example of XML-formatted data for an imaginary university. When you specify a number of service locations, do so by duplicating the <location> structure. Location name should begin with an abbreviation for the institution, example: "Lille Universitet" is normally shortened to "LU"; used as follows: <loc_name lang = "en"> LU Storested </ loc_name>.

<institutions xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="institution.xsd"> 
    <org_name lang="dk">Lille Universitetet</org_name> 
    <org_name lang="en">The Small University</org_name> 
      <street>Lillevej 22</street> 
      <city>2233 Lillested</city> 
      <name>L. Illesen</name> 
    <info_URL lang="dk"></info_URL> 
    <info_URL lang="en"></info_URL> 
    <policy_URL lang="dk"></policy_URL> 
    <policy_URL lang="en"></policy_URL> 
      <loc_name lang="dk">LU Storested</loc_name>
      <loc_name lang="en">LU Storested</loc_name>
        <street>Storeby Hovedgade 12</street>
        <city>DK3344 Storeby</city>
        <name>Storeby Suportskranke</name>
      <info_URL lang="dk"></info_URL>
      <info_URL lang="en"></info_URL>