Data submission

Providers within eduroam must contribute the following data to the European eduroam database:

  1. Basic data and contact information
  2. Service locations

DeiC collects the data and forwards it to the European eduroam Operational Team. Data must be formated in XML according to the following specification. Please submit by e-mail by sending to  eduroam@deic.dk.

Use our form to generate data in the XML format:



Formular til oplysninger

Oplysninger skal indsendes på email til eduroam@deic.dk. Formularerne nedenfor er en hjælp til at generere den rigtige xml-kode. Visse afsnit skal/kan gentages ('contact', 'location'). Det anbefales at give en Location for hver bygning.

Information to be submitted by e-mail to eduroam@deic.dk. Use the forms below to generate the correct XML code. Certain sections must / can be repeated ('contact', 'location'). It is recommended to provide a Location for each building.

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