Payment for eduroam

Institutions with access to eduroam contribute to the community.

Service providers

Service providers (who do not manage user accounts on eduroam) do not pay.

Identity providers

Institutions connected to forskningsnettet

Institutions connected to forskningsnettet pay an overall annual fee for connection to the network. Eduroam is included in this fee.

Institutions not connected to forskningsnettet

Institutions not connected to forskningsnettet pay separately for the eduroam service. The fee is invoiced every January and is calculated as a proportion of the institution's turnover (defined as the sum of the ordinary operating expenses in the most recent financial statements).

The fee for 2016 is fixed at 10 parts per million of the revenue.

If an institution becomes connected to eduroam during the year, a reduced payment is calculated in proportion to the number of months the institution has been connected. This charge is billed by the end of the year.

An institution may cease to use eduroam without notice, but fees already charged are not refundable.