Become a service provider

With eduroam, you get happy Wi-Fi users. Smartphones and laptops connect automatically. No tedious sign-up or approving of terms - this is done in advance. The user benefits from an individually encrypted wireless signal protecting against eavesdropping.

It is easy to integrate the Wi-Fi network with eduroam. This is done either on the Wi-Fi controller or on a RADIUS server. When the user's device associates, the request is sent to DeiC. If the user is registered, the system approves with an OK.


Participate in eduroam

Eduroam is internet access in academica and the educational world. The more sites and the more users, the better eduroam.

You are invited!

You may offer eduroam in your Wi-Fi if it is relevant to your visitors. Our users love the easy access to the Internet. Access to eduroam is easy to put in place using existing hardware. No fees apply to becoming a service provider! Read more:

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